Hello everyone. You may have noticed that we are using a new email notification format on our shipments.  Manually entering shipping information and changing order status on every order for over 100 websites and 7,000 customers became very difficult, or shall I say it was IMPOSSIBLE. It just wasn’t getting done.

Our new shipping software solves that problem, and provides timely & accurate information to you and the members of your department.


Automatically integrates orders from every website directly into our centralized shipping system.
Shipping email notifications will now show order #’s that are included in the shipment.
A tracking number link is included in the email so you can track the shipment.
Each order is automatically updated on the website it was generated from and will move the the order to the SHIPPED category.
Tracking informaton is also added to the members order history which can be accessed thru their MY ACCOUNT page.

We have been selectively using this system for the last six months to work out any issues. I am now confident it will work well for everyone. I hope you find this solution beneficial in helping you better manage your uniform program.