How To: Approve a New Order

Below is a How To on Approving a New Order.  If you have any additional questions, please contact

Every time an order is placed you will receive the NEW ORDER email directly from the website. You need to Approve or Deny every order since we do not receive these NEW ORDER emails until you send them to us with your decision. The system is designed this way so that we cannot process any order without the proper authorization.


Forward the original New Order Email:

To approve an order, you must forward the original New Order Email to

In your reply you should indicate one of the following responses:

  • ORDER APPROVED WITH CHANGES (Then tell us what needs to be changed)


Copy Individual That Placed Order.

IMPORTANT: IN YOUR RESPONSE TO US ALSO COPY THE INDIVIDUAL THAT PLACED THE ORDER. This way the member will know what your decision was, and that the order is now in our hands.

Once the order is approved and sent to us for processing the members should not be contacting you any further about the order. If they need to make any changes to their order, or if they want to know the status of an approved order they should contact us using the CONTACT US tab on the uniform website. They should not call us or email us to check on or request changes on orders. All these requests must be initiated thru the CONTACT US tab on the website. All orders must be placed thru the website. We will not accept any phone, email or verbal orders from members.

DELIVERY TIME FRAME – Our standard delivery time is 3 weeks after we receive the order approval. If their order is not delivered in 3 weeks they should use the CONTACT US to inquire about the status.